Breaking Barriers - 12 hours of school sports

Rahima Khan, Conservative candidate for Mayor of Newham, seeks to make this the most active borough in the country. Rahima says:

If elected Mayor of Newham I will ensure that all children in Newham managed primary schools will have a minimum 6 hours of school sports a week and all children in Newham managed secondary schools will have a minimum of 12 hours of school sports a week.

All our children will have the opportunity to play competitive and social sport at a level rarely seen outside the country's top private schools. Children will engage in physical activity every day and it will cover a wide range of sports from individual sports to competitive team sports. There will be regular inter-school competitions and competitions with schools outside the borough, all backed by a renewed commitment to providing school meals that are nutritious and tasty.

Our ambition is for Newham to have the most active children of any borough in the country and that as they get older these children will continue to be active for the rest of their lives, easing pressure on the NHS and tackling major public health issues like obesity and type 2 diabetes. We want this borough to produce even more Olympic medallists!

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