Breaking Barriers - A Better DLR

Rahima Khan, Conservative candidate for Mayor of Newham, calls a Docklands Light Railway that serves Newham residents better: less crowded and more frequent. Rahima says:

The Docklands Light Railway has opened up our area to the whole of London and we are hugely fortunate to benefit from it.

The DLR's growth has been surpassed by development, leading to overcrowded trains that cannot cope with demand. The Woolwich Arsenal branch is full before it reaches our side of the river. Trains on the Beckton branch are not frequent enough and they are jam packed. Both Stratford branches are already at capacity in peak hours and Canning Town is overcrowded.

If elected as Mayor of Newham I will lobby the Mayor of London and Transport for London to address the issues with the DLR as a top priority and I will ensure that new developments that will increase use of the DLR are staggered to ensure the DLR can be one step ahead of increased demand.

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