Breaking Barriers - tackling crime

Rahima Khan, Conservative candidate for Mayor of Newham, wants to make Newham a safer place to live. Rahima says:

In 2017 Newham was the fourth worst borough in London for crime, with nearly 35,000 reported crimes including over 10,000 cases of assault.

Horrifyingly, Newham has become the world capital of acid attacks - with three times more acid attacks than any other borough and more acid attacks per head of population than anywhere in the world.

A Conservative Mayor and Council will lobby government hard for substantially more resources for our police and we will work to protect our law-abiding residents by tackling crime at its source and encouraging a zero-tolerance approach that makes criminals take responsibility for their actions and reassure residents that the police are on their side.

We are determined to work together to tackle crime. We can and we will cut crime.

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