Breaking Barriers - Tackling Litter

Rahima Khan, Conservative candidate for Mayor of Newham, explains her plans for cleaning up the borough. Rahima says:

Litter, dropped by a minority of inconsiderate and irresponsible people, makes our borough look uninviting and unsightly and harms our environment. Litter exacerbates other forms of anti-social behaviour meaning community-minded people have to, literally, clear up the mess of others.

Council street sweepers, volunteer teams of litter pickers and individuals picking litter up are doing a great job but we need to stop the problem of littering before it happens rather than just be more effective in clearing it up.

If elected as Mayor of Newham I will employ 60 new Street Environment Officers, all equipped with body cameras, tasked with taking a zero-tolerance approach to the minority of people who feel our streets are their rubbish bins.

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