The Facts

Ahead of tonight's final #LeadersDebate on BBC Scotland at 8pm, here are the facts of the Scottish Parliament election.

  1. The SNP are set to win, risking a new drive for independence: The SNP has become complacent and is more interested in holding another referendum than in making our hospitals and schools better.
  2. Labour are in a mess, riddled with incompetence and weak leadership:Labour have taken Scotland for granted for far too long. Their infighting, incompetence and weak leadership means they cannot provide the opposition that Scotland needs.
  3. Labour and the Lib Dems have both dropped their opposition to independence: What’s worse is that Scottish Labour and theScottish Liberal Democrats have now dropped their opposition to independence. That means they can’t hold the SNP to account and ensure they focus on the issues that matter – like schools, hospitals and family pay packets.
  4. Only Ruth Davidson can provide a strong opposition to hold the SNP to account. Full stop.

Itt is clear that Ruth Davidson is the ONLY leader with a plan to keep the SNP in check and make them focus on the issues that matter to Scotland.

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