Giving more families a home of their own

We want to give more families the chance to own their own home. That is why we’re committed to delivering more homes that people can truly afford by changing the current planning rules to allow the building of more Starter Homes - homes that you can own, not just rent.

In short we want to help Generation Rent move to Generation Buy.

Starter Homes are only a part of the Conservative plan to further the dream of home ownership.We will work with local government to deliver one million new homes by 2020.

We will extend the Right to Buy to all housing association tenants. This will mean that over a million more families will be able to buy their house at a discount.

We will continue with the Help to Buy scheme up to 2020, so that those who work hard and save can get onto the housing ladder with a lower deposit.

And from December this year first time buyers will be supported in saving for that deposit through the new Help to Buy ISA. This will mean that if a first time buyer saves up to £12,000, we’ll give them an extra £3,000 for a deposit on a house.

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