Make your (postal) vote count

Voters across the country will soon choose their local representatives for the next four years. These are the people who will provide a strong opposition to the SNP in Scotland, work to deliver real change for Wales, ensure local councils deliver value for taxpayers’ money in England, work with the local police as Police and Crime Commissioners and stand up for Londoners as their next Mayor.

And if you’ve applied to vote early by post, you’ll either have received your ballot – or will be receiving it over the next few days.

The elections are crucial because the alternative is a serious threat to both our national and economic security. On Friday 6th May people across Britain could wake up to find their local area being run by a Labour Party whose leader wants to abolish our Armed Forces, get rid of our nuclear deterrent, put up income tax on hardworking people and print money to pay for public services.

So if you have a postal vote, please do complete and return it today.

And just as important – help spread the word among your friends and family. Every single vote will matter in this crucial election.