Newham Recorder Big Debate: Should the UK build a wall at the Jungle refugee camp in Calais?

Prime Minister Theresa May has pledged to help build a wall to increase security at the infamous Jungle refugee camp in Calais, France.

Opponents say building a wall is immoral and won't help the security situation at the camp, but supporters of the plan say it shows the UK and French governments can work together, even after the UK's decision to leave the European Union.

Mahyar Tousi, West Ham Conservatives

The British and French governments have worked together to handle the security situation in Calais. They have even come up with an Anglo-French security package worth £17million.

This means creating a safe and secure environment for migrants in Calais as well as protecting our borders – and there is already a fence to ensure people aren't able to attempt illegally entering the UK.

Due to recent issues with controlling the situation, the UK agreed to help France by funding a building of a wall. The wall is to be built alongside the existing fence – so, nothing radical or extreme. I am not sure what is so immoral about this that has made the Left pumped up.

The funding comes from using part of the security package agreed under David Cameron, so there's no extra cost to British taxpayers.

There's nothing immoral or ridiculous about countries wanting to protect their people. Countries do this across the world every day. The European Union has some of the strongest borders around it to prevent non-EU citizens from entering the region without legal permission.

Instead of having a misguided debate about border control, we should appreciate the special partnership we have with the French despite warnings that Brexit would lead to the Anglo-French arrangement being jeopardised.