Newham Recorder Big Debate: Should we stay or should we go? Newham, it's all about EU

Last week the results of our EU survey showed 65 per cent of Newham respondents wanted out, while 32pc wanted to stay.

North Woolwich's Tate & Lyle Sugars vice president said EU "bullies" are threatening 850 jobs.

Should we stay in the European Union or should we leave?

Gareth Knight - Chairman of West Ham Conservatives (writing in a personal capacity)

In Newham we have a serious GP shortage, with patients struggling to get appointments, yet UK politicians send £350 million of taxpayers' money to the EU every week.

That's enough to build a fully staffed NHS hospital.

We should spend the money we send to Brussels on our priorities which benefit our families, communities and businesses.

Governments of all colours have handed over too much control to the EU.

Over half our laws now come from Brussels.

The European Court has the final say on key decisions such as whether we can deport dangerous criminals.

Whilst we are in the EU, we will have to accept that EU law trumps UK law.

A vote to stay in the EU is NOT a vote for the status quo. It means handing over more money and more control to Brussels - permanently.

If we vote to leave the EU we can take back control of our own affairs.

We can strike free trade agreements with countries around the world, making our economy more dynamic and diverse.

We can create a fairer immigration system which gives priority to the brightest, the best and the most in need from across the globe.

Why should migrants with Commonwealth backgrounds, who have made Newham the borough it is, be discriminated against for the sake of protecting the EU?

UK politicians will be able to make our own laws, and we can vote them out if we disagree with them.

The safer choice is to Vote Leave.