Newham Recorder Big Debate: Was David Cameron a good prime minister for Newham?

David Cameron resigned – and Theresa May took the reins of power – earlier this month.

The MP for Witney spent six years as the country's, and Newham's, prime minister.

An enormous amount happened during his time in office, so we asked a former Conservative parliamentary candidate to assess his time in office.

Festus Akinbusoye, 2015 Conservative general election candidate for West Ham

I am of the view that David Cameron has been a good prime minister for Newham. While I am mindful of the challenges posed by reductions in central government funding of local authorities, I am also mindful that none of the other major political parties proposed a credible alternative funding approach.

When he came to office, a working resident started paying income tax after reaching the £6,500 threshold. By the time he left office, it had increased to £11,000 rising to £12,500 by 2020. He effectively scrapped it for a resident working full-time on minimum wage.

The benefits of these tax cuts for the average worker coupled with lower levels of inflation meant that we not just ended up with more money in our pockets but that money stretches further.

In Newham, more schools are classed as Good by Ofsted than a decade ago. The number of neighbourhoods classed as highly deprived has plummeted from 31% in 2010 to just 8%. While 8% is still an unacceptably high figure, the reduction in poverty during his time as PM is to be welcomed.

I don't suggest he got everything right. More could have been done in some areas that would have improved life chances of residents. Nevertheless, I strongly believe he had a broadly positive impact.