Plan for Brexit

Theresa May's plan for Brexit will return control to Britain and allow us to stand tall in the world again.
Getting the Brexit negotiations right is central to everything – our economy, our finances, our position in the world.
Get Brexit wrong and we get everything else wrong. From looking after our elderly to educating our children, everything depends on getting Brexit right.
Just 11 days after you vote, the EU wants to start Brexit negotiations with Britain. So whoever is Prime Minister must be up to the job and ready to go. 
Only Theresa May has a plan for Brexit and the ability to deliver. And she needs every vote from every part of the country to give her the best hand at those negotiations just 11 days after you vote. 
Theresa May has set out a plan to get the best possible Brexit deal - with 12 negotiating objectives:
Certainty and clarity 
Control of our own laws
Strengthen the Union
Maintain the Common Travel Area with Ireland 
Control of immigration
Rights for EU nationals in Britain, and British nationals in the EU  
Protect workers’ rights  
Free trade with European markets  
New trade agreements with other countries  
The best place for science and innovation  
Cooperation in the fight against crime and terrorism  
A smooth, orderly Brexit
A vote for any other party is a vote for Jeremy Corbyn running the Brexit negotiations. That would be a disaster for ordinary working people in Britain, risking jobs, living standards and our economic progress. 
All of the other parties ignore the need to get control of our borders – and they talk about ignoring the decision the country made and staying in the EU.
For the best Brexit deal, vote for Theresa May and the Conservatives.