Security for working people

The Queen delivered a One Nation Queen’s Speech from a One Nation Government. With the strengthening economy moving in the right direction, we can be ambitious in our plans to deliver for the hardworking people of Britain.

Security for working people is the next step in our long-term economic plan for our country. Whether it is continuing to bring the public finances under control so that Britain lives within its means or delivering the infrastructure that British business needs to carry on creating jobs. To help create jobs, we will make our country a world leader in the digital economy, with new obligations on broadband providers to make sure everyone in Britain has access to an affordable high speed internet connection. To back business, we will make sure Britain has first-class infrastructure, especially when it comes to the transport of the future. To support aspiration and promote home ownership, we will meet our commitment to build a million new homes across the country by reforming planning. And because we want to make sure every part of our country shares in our rising prosperity, we will legislate for a dramatic devolution of power to local areas, giving them complete control over business rate revenues to use as they wish to stimulate economic growth.

Digital Economy Bill

This Bill will modernise our climate for enterprise, making sure Britain remains at the forefront of the global 21st century economy so that our businesses continue to create jobs and our families remain financially secure. It will include:

  • Giving every household a legal right to a fast broadband connection.
  • New laws to help telecommunications providers build the infrastructure needed for faster broadband and better mobile networks.
  • Allowing consumers to be automatically compensated when things go wrong with their broadband service.
  • Closing loopholes so that Ofcom can continue to protect consumers who watch internet-streamed television content from outside the EU on Freeview.

Modern Transport Bill

This Bill will put Britain at the forefront of the modern transport revolution, so that we create new jobs and fuel economic growth around the country. It will include:

  • Legislation to enable the future development of the UK’s first commercial spaceports.
  • New laws to make the UK ready to pioneer driverless cars.
  • New rules to bring safe commercial and personal drone flight for households and businesses a step closer.

Neighbourhood Planning and Infrastructure Bill

This Bill will reform planning and give local communities more power and control to shape their own area so that we build more houses and give everyone who works hard the chance to buy their own home. It will include:

  • Measures to reform and speed up the planning process by minimising delays caused by pre-commencement planning conditions.
  • A new statutory basis for the independent National Infrastructure Commission, to help invest in Britain’s long-term future.
  • Streamlined processes supporting neighbourhoods to come together to agree plans that will decide where things get built in their local area.

Local Growth and Jobs Bill

This Bill is the biggest change in local finance for decades, giving local authorities full control of the money they raise through business rates, so they can attract business and investment to their local areas. It will include:

  • A transfer of up to £13 billion to councils through allowing them to retain 100% of the business rates they collect.
  • New measures to allow combined authority mayors to levy business rate supplements in order to fund infrastructure projects where there is the support of local business.

This is our legislative programme: to give working people security in their personal and professional lives; to increase the live chances for the most disadvantaged in our society; and to strengthen our national security to keep us all safer. We’ve set challenging, but achievable goals, using the strong foundations of our economy to make a series of bold choices that will improve lives across the country. It is a One Nation Queen’s speech from a progressive, One Nation, Conservative Government.