Strengthening our national security

The Queen delivered a One Nation Queen’s Speech from a One Nation Government. With the strengthening economy moving in the right direction, we can be ambitious in our plans to deliver for the hardworking people of Britain.

Strengthening our national security to keep our country safe is the first duty of Government. We cannot extend opportunity or help working people if our country is not safe. So this is a Queen’s speech that invests in Britain’s armed forces, honouring our NATO commitment to spend two per cent of GDP on defence. To support global stability and prevent new threats to our security, we will also meet our commitment on international development spending. And in an ever more dangerous and unstable world, where the threats to our country are increasing not diminishing, we will secure the long-term future of our nuclear deterrent and give our security and intelligence agencies the powers they need to keep us safe.

Bill of Rights

This Bill will support and reinforce Britain’s long-standing commitment to human rights and restore common sense to the way human rights law is applied. It will include:

  • Measures to reform and modernise the UK human rights framework.
  • Protections against abuse of the system and misuse of human rights laws.

Counter-Extremism and Safeguarding Bill

This Bill gives law enforcement agencies new powers to protect vulnerable people – including children – from those who seek to brainwash them with extremism propaganda so we build a stronger society around our shared liberal values of tolerance and respect. It will include:

  • Stronger powers to disrupt extremists and protect the public.
  • Powers to intervene in intensive unregulated education settings which teach hate and drive communities apart.
  • A new civil order regime to restrict extremist activity, following consultation.

Criminal Finances Bill

This Bill will cement the UK’s leading role in the fight against international corruption crack down on money laundering and people profiting from crime, so that we root out corruption. It will include:

  • Measures to reform proceeds of crime legislation to allow the Government to recoup more illicit income.
  • A new criminal offence for corporations that fail to stop staff facilitating tax evasion.
  • New rules to toughen the UK’s anti-money laundering regime.

Policing and Crime Bill

This Bill is the next phase in our reform of the police, reforming out-of-date complaints and disciplinary procedures, so we increase public confidence in the people who keep us safe. It will include:

  • A new duty to collaborate on all three emergency services, to improve efficiency and effectiveness.
  • New authority for chief officers to designate wider powers on police staff and volunteers, so they can make best use of their workforce.
  • A stronger oversight role for PCCs over local complaints, giving them an explicit responsibility for ensuring the effective and efficient delivery of the local police complaints system, and extending HM Inspector of Constabulary’s remit to enable it to inspect private contractors.

Investigatory Powers Bill

This Bill will fill holes in our security apparatus so that we give law enforcement agencies the tools they need to protect the public in the digital age, while building confidence in the public that powers are operated sensibly. It includes:

  • Plugging gaps in the abilities of law enforcement agencies to monitor people’s online communications when investigating crime or terrorism.
  • Tough new safeguards for the use of investigatory powers.
  • Establishing a world-leading oversight regime of law enforcement agencies and the security services.

This is our legislative programme: to give working people security in their personal and professional lives; to increase the live chances for the most disadvantaged in our society; and to strengthen our national security to keep us all safer. We’ve set challenging, but achievable goals, using the strong foundations of our economy to make a series of bold choices that will improve lives across the country. It is a One Nation Queen’s speech from a progressive, One Nation, Conservative Government.