The two things everyone needs to know about Sadiq Khan

There are two things everyone needs to know about Sadiq Khan:

  1. He backed Jeremy Corbyn to be Labour Leader
  2. He says he’d do it again

That’s right: Sadiq Khan backed Jeremy Corbyn to lead his Party – the man who wants to print money to fund more spending, ramp up taxes on working people and abandon our nuclear defences.

And even 5 months into Corbyn’s disastrous leadership of the Labour Party, Sadiq Khan says “I don’t regret it”. (Source: Telegraph 16/1/16)

Everyone needs to know about this. So please share this graphic on Facebook and Twitter to let people know:

Sadiq Khan experimented with Corbyn and wrecked the Labour Party. We can’t let him experiment with the Mayoralty and wreck London – the most important city in the world.

If he’s elected, Sadiq Khan will be Corbyn’s man in City Hall, and will use London as a 4-year test lab for Corbyn’s radical policies. They won’t work, and will result in fewer homes, no improvement to our transport infrastructure and tax rises for Londoners.

In contrast, Zac Goldsmith has an Action Plan for Greater London. He’ll deliver more homes, better transport cleaner air and safer streets. He’ll stand up for Greater London just as he’s stood up for the people Richmond Park and North Kingston as their MP over the last six years.

You can help elect Zac Goldsmith and help London avoid the Khan experiment. Share this graphic on Facebook and Twitter to let everyone know about the risk Corbyn's man poses to our city’s future.