We're helping first-time buyers own their own home

With the Government’s new Help to Buy: ISA thousands more people will be given the opportunity to own their own home.

Since Labour’s financial crisis first-time buyers who are doing the right thing have struggled to save for a home of their own.

That’s why we’re backing working people who are saving up for their first home by offering an unprecedented bonus on the money they save in a dedicated Help to Buy: ISA.

Under the scheme first-time buyers will be able to save up to £200 a month, which the Government will then top up by 25 per cent, up to a maximum of £3,000. In the first month you can put in up to £1,200.

So as long as you’re prepared to use the money saved to use towards a deposit on a home, for every £200 that you put in, the Government will give you an extra £50.

We’re delivering on our plan to help people across Britain achieve their dream of owning their own home and to ensure economic security at every stage of your life.

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