Patrick Spencer - Theresa May's candidate for West Ham

West Ham Conservatives are pleased to announce our candidate for the 8th June general election is Patrick Spencer.

Find out more about Patrick HERE.


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All national and local campaigning is suspended as a mark of respect following the tragic events in Manchester, and will remain so until the Prime Minister indicates otherwise.

Each political party is entitled to a delivery of the leaflets to each household by the Royal Mail. Our deliveries were arranged before Monday evening's attack in Manchester, and cannot be stopped at this stage. 

We apologise for any offence caused by those who may be receiving leaflets this week - we can confirm these have not been delivered by local activists but by Royal Mail.


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Standing with Theresa May

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The right Brexit deal

Getting the right Brexit deal for Britain: Jeremy Corbyn can’t negotiate. Tim Farron won’t negotiate. Only Theresa May will get the best deal for the UK.
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11 Days

The EU want Brexit negotiations to start on 19th June – 11 days after the election.
Your vote will decide who negotiates for Britain: Theresa May or Jeremy Corbyn. A vote for anyone other than the Conservatives risks Corbyn in charge of Brexit.

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