Labour's leadership candidates would cost working families £1,000

A Conservative Party analysis reveals that Labour’s leadership candidates would cost working families at least £1,000 in higher debt and taxes.

The election delivered a clear verdict – the party that left a note saying there was no money left still couldn’t be trusted with the nation’s economy. But Labour haven’t learnt. All four leadership candidates have offered more of the same: more welfare, more borrowing and more taxes – exactly what got us into a mess in the first place.

It would be hardworking families who end up paying the price for these unfunded promises. The commitments made during this contest alone would cost every working family at least £1,000 in higher debt and taxes. This rise in debt and taxes would mean less money in working people’s pay packets, fewer jobs and a weaker economy.

Read the briefing in full (PDF)

The British people have worked too hard to clear up the mess Labour left behind to go through all that again and will conclude that – whoever ends up taking charge – Labour haven’t changed.

They still have no plan for the economy, just the same old policies that left the country in such a mess the last time around. Working people would pay for it.

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