Newham Recorder Big Debate: Are the Liberal Democrats the party of Remain-voting Newham?

This week we're asking if the borough's vote to remain in the EU means it should vote Liberal Democrat on June 8's General Election.

Since the vote to leave the EU in June last year, the Liberal Democrats have sought to position themselves as the party of Remain voters.

On Monday its leader Tim Farron pledged not to let the UK leave the single market and the party has openly said it will reverse Brexit if elected on the first-past-the-post system it has previously sought to reform.

Newham, like all London boroughs but five, voted to remain.

This week we're asking if the Liberal Democrats are the logical choice for voters in East Ham and West Ham.

Emily Knight - Campaigns Officer of West Ham Conservatives

Although overall, Remain won in Newham, the Leave vote was so high (47 per cent) that our borough's results meant Vote Leave was able to declare overall victory on the back of it – the remain camp expected Newham voters to vote Remain overwhelmingly and tip the balance back in their favour. That didn't happen, which was no surprise to me having knocked on thousands of doors in Newham over the course of the campaign.

This general election is about the future of our nation, and who is the best person to lead us through the next five years, including the negotiations to leave the European Union. The Liberal Democrats, utterly rejecting the "democrat" part of their own name in a desperate bid for relevance, are trying to take us back a year to re-run the referendum campaign. If they succeed – and happily polling suggests they won't – they would simply cause uncertainty for all voters.

This election is not about how anyone voted last June, that argument has already been settled, it is about who is the best leader to steer our nation, and its people, through to a global future. The choice is between Theresa May and the chaotic socialist Jeremy Corbyn. Theresa May is pledging to get the best possible deal for the UK, to secure the future of our citizens in the EU, and EU residents here, to ensure EU nations retain access to the vital UK market, and to establish the UK as an outward-facing global nation once more.